Sixth grade



Sixth grade science students study Earth and Space Sciences. The six standard topics in sixth grade include Space Systems, History of Earth, Earth’s Interior Systems, Earth’s Surface Systems, Weather and Climate, and Human Impacts. Students engage in inquiry based activities, laboratory investigations, and cross curricular units. Instructional practices include related connections to engineering, math and technology.

Language Arts

Students will develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through a series of thematic units aligned with Common Core State Standards for Language Arts. These units will address: reading and literature; writing and research; speaking and listening skills; and language development standards.Sixth grade Language Arts activities will include: daily grammar and vocabulary lessons; independent and group reading of novels, short stories, plays, poetry, and a variety of non-fiction;writing practice and writing skills lessons; and special projects and presentations. In sixth grade, emphasis is placed on understanding quality literature as a basis for writing development and to gain a deeper understanding of genres and literary devices.

Social Studies

First semester focuses on the core concepts of geography, including the tools of geography, economics, themes of geography, population and movement, study of maps, and government and citizenship. After Christmas, studies of cultural regions begin with an emphasis on the United States and Canada, Latin America, and Europe. In addition, students may survey Africa, Australia, Russia, and the Pacific Rim region. Working with an etext, the curriculum is enhanced with special class-based projects, video presentations from around the globe, and celebration of the annual Latin American Cultural Fair.


Our 6th grade mathematics classroom is built on the Holt McDougal online Go Math program. Students have direct access to their e-text, online assignments, instructional videos and examples via their iPad. Go Math organizes its content into units which include: The Number System, Number Operations, Proportionality: Rates and Ratios, Equivalent Expressions, Equations and Inequalities, and Geometrical Relationships. The main focus of the 6th grade math content is to build student conceptual understanding of using whole number multiplication and division to solve real world problems involving rates and ratios, computing fractional operations, beginning to write and solve expressions and equations, and developing statistical thinking skills. It is the goal of our mathematics class to prepare students for higher level mathematics, measuring student readiness with written assessments, classroom discussion, and real world activities.


In our sixth grade religion class we focus on studying God’s covenant with his people throughout history and what that means to our students today. At Seton Catholic School, our students receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in sixth grade. The catechesis for this is done during religion class. The students attend a Confirmation retreat and discover what it means to become a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church. We also study the virtues of the Christian faith, attend weekly adoration, pray daily and study the Sacred Scriptures.

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