Encore Classes



Seton students are ARTrageous! Elementary students are introduced to the basics of two-dimensional and three-dimensional through a variety of lessons and projects. Students learn the seven elements of art and focus on the principals of design. In addition, they develop an understanding of the color wheel, drawing, shapes, painting, collage, paper sculpture and clay. Artwork is created from a variety of mediums with emphasis placed on craftsmanship. In middle school, lessons on the elements and principles of design are incorporated, and students enjoy more challenging projects in these areas through drawing, painting, mosaics, collage, and sculpture. Art history and art appreciation are also integrated throughout art classes. The year culminates with an impressive showing of the student’s artistic accomplishments in our annual ArtRageous Event student exhibition!


Singing at Seton is fun! Early elementary music classes focus on rhythm reading, vocal development & learning the elements of music. Students are introduced to the Solfeggio system for pitch reading skills. Aspects of the Suzuki, Kodaly and Orff systems are used for instruction and experiencing musical elements. In second through sixth grades students learn reading and theory skills through the Indianapolis Children’s Choir curriculum, which primarily utilizes Kodaly and Orff methods. Third through fifth graders learn to play the recorder. Middle school students focus on music history and appreciation through active listening, participating in projects and study of individual composers and musical eras. All grade levels have the opportunity for public performances at our weekly Mass, as they lead all of the liturgical music each Wednesday.


We like to move it, move it! Physical Education is one of the most important subjects children learn in school. It is our hope that student learn to love being fit and healthy and become proactive in taking care of themselves! At Seton, PE incorporates a variety of movement concepts, sports skills, and lifetime fitness skills. Learning these skills helps children feel good about moving, while in turn, encourages them to be active and healthy. The concepts of fair play, good sportsmanship and teamwork are also emphasized to our students. One of the PE goals at Seton is to show the students how fitness can be fun!



Too Techy? No Way! Early primary grades focus on introducing students to basic computer terminology, allowing students to perform basic tasks, and creates familiarity with the Internet and various educational activities. Students are introduced to keyboarding in first grade, and keyboarding skills continue to be practiced each year through fifth grade. Third through fifth graders learn to use the Internet as a research tool and how to apply many programs in Microsoft Office Suite to their school work. Middle school students expand on basic computer skills and create presentations, videos, websites, and documents that incorporate higher level skills. They also learn the foundations of computer science which includes using a programming language to fulfill basic algorithms. Computer concepts extend beyond the walls of the computer lab as students utilize technology as tool for their learning and apply their skills across the curriculum.


Let’s all get along! The programs utilized through our Guidance curriculum focus on relationship building, peer pressure and making good choices. The PeaceBuilders Program, Second Steps Program, and the Safe Touch/ Unsafe Touch Program are all part of the guidance program. PeaceBuilders is a philosophy that creates a positive atmosphere based on six components: Praise People, Give Up Put Downs, Seek Wise People, Notice and Speak Up about Hurts, Right Wrong and Help Others. The Safe Touch Program is taught and practiced throughout classroom guidance, with activities that extend to the home. The Second Steps program teaches middle school students how to deal with peer pressure, bullies, and other challenges faced by students in this day and age.



Our band makes joyful sounds! Beginning in fifth grade our students have the option to join band. Students can choose from variety of brass, woodwind or percussion instruments. Each grade level meets in their band class twice per week, and the progress made throughout the year is astounding! Band students also have the opportunity to participate in other musical venues outside of school including All State and All District Band, and Solo & Ensemble competitions.

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