Barton Reading & Spelling

The Barton Reading and Spelling System is a multisensory approach to teach reading and spelling in an explicit and systematic way. The Barton Reading and Spelling System is Orton-Gillingham influenced and uses unique methods and sequences for teaching reading, spelling, and writing. Students who struggle with reading can be taught a different way to read, write, and spell using this method which uses several of their senses-visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic.

Students using the Barton Reading and Spelling System will be taught with simultaneous multisensory instruction, using all of their senses to learn to read so they are better able to store and retrieve the information. The students will also be given intense instruction with ample learning time. The instruction is explicit and direct and teaches each rule that governs our written language. Each rule is taught one at a time and practiced until stable before moving on to the next rule. The Barton Reading and Spelling System is also systematic and cumulative so that each rule is presented and practiced until the student is fluent and automatic. The rules continue to weave previously learned rules into current lessons so they are fresh and solid. The system is synthetic and analytic, which means the individual letters or sound are put together to form a word (synthetic) and students are taught how to look at a long word and break it into smaller pieces (analytic). Students’ ability to apply the rules is continuously assessed throughout the program.

There are 10 different levels included in the Barton Reading and Spelling System.

The Levels include:

Level 1: Phonemic Awareness
Level 2: Consonants and Short Vowels
Level 3: Closed and Unit Syllables
Level 4: Multi-Syllable Words and Vowel Teams
Level 5: Prefixes and Suffixes
Level 6: Six Reasons for Silent-E
Level 7: Vowel R’s
Level 8: Advanced Vowel Teams
Level 9: Influence of Foreign Languages
Level 10: Latin Roots and Greek Combining Forms

Our priority for providing the Barton services is as follows:

1.   Students who have tested and fit the profile for dyslexia
2.   Students who have a diagnosed learning disability and an IEP or service plan
3.   Teacher recommendation based on in class assessments

Mrs. Erin Lennon is our certified Intervention Teacher.

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