Optional Masking Update 3-2-2022

Seton Catholic School will be implementing an optional mask policy beginning tomorrow, Thursday, March 3rd. With this change regarding our masking policy, teachers or staff will not be responsible for policing or tracking who is to wear a mask and who will not be wearing a mask while at school. If it is your preference that your child wears a mask while indoors, mask-wearing will need to be determined by parents, and through the parent, compliance will need to be emphasized, encouraged, and/or mandated from the home. While we are approaching more normal school operations in many ways, we will continue the following:

  • Appropriately spacing students in classrooms and during lunch
  • Encourage routine hand washing and sanitizing 
  • Extra cleaning and sanitizing practices school-wide
  • Masks to be worn during full school/parish masses – Wednesday mornings (until mask mandates are lifted for the church)
  • Each individual school will have the authority to reinstate a mask requirement based on the condition of that school community at any time