Seton Catholic School has a program called Scrip. A “Scrip” or gift certificate/gift card can be purchased through the school for hundreds of national and local retailers. These scrip can be used for Christmas shopping, dining out, and daily household purchases. Many are available within a few minutes with ScripNOW and Reloadable Scrip cards. This is a national program that supports schools!

How to get started

Go online to and Create an Account. Fill in your name and address. Our schools enrollment code is BF16EC6327398. Once you have created an account you click on the Shop button and a list of retailer categories will be displayed. Select the category of interest and order your Scrip.

You can order as many as you need from multiple retailers for your future shopping. When you finalize your order you will be given the option to pay with a check, made payable to Seton Catholic School, or use Prestopay. Prestopay can be set up to electronically charge your bank account for your order. If you choose to write a check, you need to print the order list at checkout and attach to your check to be turned in to the school office by Monday mornings.

Orders are processed by the Scrip Coordinator, Niki Moss, on Mondays. Scrip are available for pickup in the school office on Fridays after 10am. Some scrip are reloadable and are categorized as reloadable on the website. There are also scrip, called ScripNow, available to print almost immediately when processed. The Reloadable funds and ScripNow certificates are available when you place your order if you pay with Prestopay and are available by approximately 2pm on Mondays if you pay with a check. You will receive an email when they are available.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a local retailer to add to the list of retailers please contact Niki Moss at 859-806-6390 or

Click here to get started:

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