iGive is a free and simple way to earn money for our school! All you need to do is use the joinlink provided in this email, and follow a few easy steps to become an iGive member. What is iGive? IGive is an internet service that has partnered with over 1000 online retail companies to provide giving opportunities to thousands of charities and schools like ours. The partner companies pay all the costs and contributions, so joining iGive is absolutely free to members and charitable organizations. When you make online purchases as an iGive member, up to 26% of your purchase is donated back to our school through iGive. After the initial set-up all you do is shop like usual on-line and iGive takes care of everything!

There are 2 easy steps to join: 1) Click on the joinlink below and click the “join now” prompt and fill out the registration, 2) Scroll to bottom of page and click the “iGive button” option, then install the iGive button (your computer will then ask you to restart your computer to complete process).

Installing the “iGive button” is optional, but we strongly encourage you to take this extra step. The iGive button allows you to shop like you normally would without having to remember to use iGive. With the button, the iGive connection to Seton Catholic School automatically kicks in when you go to your favorite online retailers. If you do not choose to install the iGive button, you will have to shop directly from www.igive.com. The only partner store that does not use the button is Amazon and the iGive website details a quick one step process that will link your iGive account to Amazon. It’s so, so, so easy (especially with the button) and the potential upside for our school is huge if EVERYONE signs up!!!

Joinlink for Seton Catholic School: http://www.igive.com/SetonCatholicSchoollexingtonky

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