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iGive Tuesday

November 28, 2023

Join us to raise $30,000 this year to address the following improvements to our campus.
1) Water Damage Repair:  We have one office that has a recurring leak. We will repair the broken drainage on the roof and replace the water damaged carpet.
2) New Carpet:  The sacristy and storage areas in the church have never been carpeted and the offices have not been updated since the church was built. We will install new uniform carpet to improve the appearance of our church.
3) Parish Hall Blinds:  The blinds in the kitchen and the parish hall are broken and need replacing.
Any money raised above our goal of $30,000 or above the actual cost of these projects will go directly to our parish debt.  Our debt was incurred with the building of the school and has a balance of $1,484,981.04 as of October 31, 2023.  We have a balloon payment due in 1.5 years so we hope to make some progress on paying down this principal.