DPOJ Manipulated Image Product Dream a little Dream

DPOJ Manipulated Image Product
Thomas P.
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Dream a little Dream

Original image
Manipulated Image

  1. I opened Photoshop and put in the imagine of the cat. I wanted to create something that would give the feeling of the cat merging with the bed and becoming completely engulfed in his dreams.
  2. I then started by creating a color scheme for the image.
  3. I started with my base color, which was a dark blue mix, that I used on the bed.
  4. I then progressed to make a very simple layer on the edges of the image using an orange mix to make a nice blend for the bed that sort of merged the two.
  5. I decided to keep the white in the cat to add some contrast to the image.
  6. I then went back and used the same dark blue color print for the right side of the body on the cat.
  7. I made sure to outline the fur on the cat to still give it some characteristics so that I wouldn’t lose the distinct characteristics that the fur had when I added the colors.
  8. I also made sure to leave some of the orange in the cat for the originality of the photo.
  9. Towards the left of the cat I decided to keep the orange of the cat but add some different shades to give more depth.
  10. To finish the image up, I used a filter on Photoshop called “dream,” which was perfect for my theme.
  11. I also used another filter to make the image look crinkled, to add to the sleeping theme of the image.