House Program

It has been proven that students who are involved in school activities have a better attitude toward teachers and rules, exhibit improved academic performance, and feel better about themselves. To address this issue, Seton Catholic School implemented a system to energize our middle school students and promote school spirit and pride. With a focus on building community, service to others, and personal responsibility, a house system was created.

All middle school students are divided into six houses. Each house contains an equal number of boys and girls from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Each student is randomly placed in a house and will remain with that same house throughout his or her middle school years. Students are not in their House groups for their academic courses.

There is an overwhelming benefit for all students involved. Mixing students from all middle school grades in each house provides more opportunities for students to interact and work cooperatively with peers from each grade level. Sixth graders will likely feel more relaxed moving from fifth grade into middle school.

Each house has a house name, color, and motto to represent their house. These elements of the house and the students assigned to a house will remain constant from year to year. Each year, the students make up a cheer and mascot for their individual house.

The six homeroom teachers along with the special area teachers provide guidance and support as house mentors. Monthly planned activities attended by all houses focus on service, academics, the arts, and athletics. This is an opportunity for each and every child to shine by offering his or her personal best for the benefit of the whole. Students wear house t-shirts as their uniform on house-wide meeting days.

Schools that have implemented a House Program have witnessed the positive impact this program has on discipline, peer relationships, and the student/teacher relationship. When all students feel they can make a difference, it creates a climate where students and teachers feel comfortable and confident, and education can thrive.

The house system spotlights the accomplishments of our Seton Middle School students and we are proud of their efforts and strength of character.

Seton Houses

  • Courage House
  • Nobility House
  • Patience House
  • Wisdom House
  • Virtue House
  • Honor House