Second grade


In addition to, and as part of, preparing for the sacraments, we will be learning about the Church, Mass, and our roles as Christian people. We will learn prayers, including how to say the Rosary. Each week we will attend weekly Mass with the rest of the school. We do a monthly Step-by-Step program that helps us learn about the hungry. The students are involved in regular service projects.

Reading/Language Arts

We will use a variety of reading materials that include a decodable reading series, our basal reading series, selected literature, chapter books, magazines, and author studies (Dr. Seuss, Tomi DePaola, Patricia Polacco, etc.) The children will read in reading groups, individually, with partners, and as a class.

We write on a regular basis. The children will work on many different forms of writing over the course of the year including friendly letters, informal book reports, and poems.

Word Study

The goal of second grade word study is to enable students to read and write fluently by learning common spelling patterns.  Lessons are organized around different spelling patterns and coordinate with our phonics instruction.  We will study and practice the patterns in class during the week.  The list will come home each Monday, and tests will be given on Fridays.  Unlike traditional spelling tests, the students may or my not be tested over the exact words that were on their list (eg. -on list “trout”, test over “shout”).


After review of manuscript, the students are introduced to cursive letters.


The second grade follows a spiraling program. Once a concept is introduced, it continues to be included in mixed practice. Topics include basic addition and subtraction computation with and without regrouping, telling time, counting money, measurement, and word problems. By the end of the year, it is expected that all students will have automatic recall of all addition and subtraction facts through twenty.

Social Studies

Second grade themes include: our community, our place on Earth/landforms, people at work, our nation’s story and family history.


Our science program is taught using Mystery Science, a very hands-on based program. The students learn about material properties, animal biodiversity, plant adaptations, and erosion and the earth’s water, and properties and phases of matter.  We will have other weekly mini lessons on a variety of science topics..