Fourth grade


Prayer, service, and liturgy are a large part of the focus of Christian living in the 4th grade. Mass and Adoration are a highlight of each week. Students also participate in the Step by Step stewardship program each month. The development and review of the Beatitudes, liturgy, scripture and 10 Commandments are ongoing throughout the year.


The Daily 5 model is incorporated into the language arts instruction.  Mini lessons throughout the week explore reading skills.  Students are encouraged to read from different genres and work within literature groups where they read chapter books at their Lexile level.
Writing and Grammar
Students focus on the 6 Traits of Writing:  Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions.  Special focus is put on the use of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.  Many writing pieces, including a narrative, informational piece, and biography, are completed and placed with their writing portfolios.  Students will  focus on vocabulary, using Vocabulary Surge.  Students also concentrate on cursive handwriting using Handwriting without Tears.


Leveled group instruction is a key to expanding the student’s addition, subtraction and multiplication knowledge keeping in line with our STEM focus. The students are also introduced to various fraction functions, multi-digit multiplication, multi-digit division, area, perimeter, volume, lines and angles.

Social Studies

Students focus on the regions of the United States and explore Kentucky studies, including the state government, history, symbols, and regions. Native American cultures are studied along with early Kentucky explorers and settlers.  There is also a focus on famous Kentuckians.


The students investigate life sciences with an emphasis on adaptations and behaviors of animals and plants. Changes in the Earth’s surface (earthquakes, volcanoes), rocks and minerals, and the Earth’s resources are a focus. Knowledge of matter, motion, electricity and magnetism are expanded in physical science.  Many STEM and engineering projects are incorporated into instruction throughout the year.