Afterschool Care

Seton Catholic School offers an after school program until 6:00 PM. We strive to provide a fun, loving and enjoyable atmosphere for your children.

Students are provided with a nutritional snack and drink after school, followed by a quiet, structured homework period. During this time, a majority of the students are able to complete all of their homework, study, work on school projects, read, and complete IXL assignments. The children are divided into groups according to age to better facilitate homework time.

After homework is completed the students are taken outside for supervised free play. This involves foursquare, basketball, pretend play, chalk art, soccer and simply socializing with friends. This is a relaxed, fun time. During inclement weather, the children can play in the gym, where they are provided with basketballs, jump ropes, etc. We also provide many indoor activities in the school including puzzles, games, play-dough, painting, movies and supervised computer time.

Please contact Lori Kirkpatrick, school Office Administrator, for more information via email at or 859.273.7827 for more information.